Data & Technology in Global Mobility

Ahead of The Global Mobility Executive Roundtable…

Global Mobility Pressures

Global Mobility is subject to rapid and frequent change. International HR and Global Mobility teams are consistently being asked to reduce costs; as international business presents an increased need for a mobile and diverse workforce, mobility policies become progressively complex. A good way of addressing this is the open sharing of information between individuals and organisations within the sector. Information sharing encourages connection and collaboration between professionals, which can result in important new findings regarding issues and solutions within the field.

Information as a Resource

Information sharing is also effective because it allows participants to share resources; in many cases reducing time and cost whilst bolstering business relationships. Analysing data and information can quantify, rationalise and ultimately improve the management of international assignments. Alchemy recognises the benefits and ongoing needs to promote information sharing within Global Mobility and as a result we are becoming increasingly involved in collaborative projects.

Roundtable Event

Another organisation promoting the open sharing of information is the Global Mobility Executive, by delivering a professional Global Mobility Executive Roundtable event. This special invitation discussion and workshop will take place in London on 7 November 2018. Alchemy have been delighted to step in as a strategic partner to sponsor and facilitate this exclusive session. Attendees will be offered a platform on which to socialise whilst acquiring new knowledge regarding the vital topic of ‘Data and Technology in Global Mobility’.

Leveraging Data

The roundtable will focus on leveraging global mobility data and analytics to support the business and identifying demographic trends as well as digital transformation across large complex global mobility and business travel programs. We will look at how robotics can help make programs more effective and provide a better employee experience, allowing us to better leverage technology within global immigration to enhance agility and efficiency.

Planning for the Future

Improved ability for forward planning is a major benefit of data and information sharing, the future of technology in global mobility will be a core focus of the Global Mobility Executive’s roundtable event; this forward-thinking organisation has certainly created a programme which effectively meets demands for senior professionals to explore strategic challenges in more depth within a focused and interactive setting.

Utilising industry networks

Alchemy has a very large network across International HR covering Expatriate Services, Global Mobility, Immigration and Reward. We are leveraging our connections to produce successful results with our ongoing collaborative project whereby industry experts contribute interviews and original material with Alchemy acting as a conduit for information. We are hopeful that the results of the information we can collect, and share, will boost the impact of global mobility and talent teams, giving them a more meaningful experience and strategic role within their organisations.

We’ll see you in London!

This upcoming event from the Global Mobility Executive provides promising prospects to share information which will provide an opportunity for HR and Global Mobility leaders to learn, discuss challenges, corporate strategy, industry trends and share experience in a private, collaborative, peer to peer environment. Alchemy cannot wait to take part!

The Global Mobility Executive

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Written by Katie Smith, Assoc CIPD, BA Hons | Head of Special Projects – HR, Talent & Content at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions.