Global Mobility Trends of 2019

Sofie Finemore, January 25, 2019

Top Trends

Global Mobility has become an essential factor in a company’s development and can prove invaluable for both the individual on assignment and the company itself. However, in such a fast-paced industry it is important for a company to adapt to the latest global mobility trends if they wish to thrive. Here are some of the top trend’s companies should be anticipating for 2019...

Data Protection

In 2018 arguably the most important change that occurred was The General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR affected all business sectors, including those with global mobility operations. The change in policy has affected the way assignee information is shared and how international data is being transferred. Throughout the assignment there will be many different vendors covering various aspects of the relocation therefore it is essential companies find a way to share assignee information without breaching GDPR. Data shared needs to be secure and have a specific purpose without being superfluous. Global mobility practioners will continue to consider and alter their practice regarding data sharing throughout 2019.  

Entry Level Assignments

Benivo, in partnership with AIRINC, recently conducted research on the experience entry level employees have whilst on an international assignment. The days of assignments being reserved for senior candidates is long gone with 73% of companies surveyed conducting entry level moves. The main challenge faced by companies is ensuring that they have the relevant policies to support the influx of entry level moves. A majority companies do not have any specific policies in place for entry level assignments and the companies that did found that coverage fell very short when compared to their general relocation policies. Any company wishing to stay on top in 2019 should be ensuring the development of global mobility policies across different seniorities and demographics, which would provide overall improvements to the assignee experience.


The need for companies to capitalise on technology continues to increase year after year, and global mobility companies are no exception to this rule. Continuing from last year, advances in mobile technology should continue to thrive due to the need for assignees to have access to information on the go. However, the main shift in technology will be that of AI (Artificial Intelligence) which will be able to identify and predict issues which would otherwise remained unseen. Chat bots will also come into play, allowing assignees to receive answers directly from the technology instead of waiting to speak on the phone to a service agent for each individual query. Assignees will continue to seek opportunities to manage their relocation independently and AI will allow for increased self-reliance.

What are your predictions for global mobility in 2019?

Written by Sofie Finemore – Associate Consultant – Global Mobility & Expatriate Services at Alchemy Recruitment 

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