London: no longer the centre of Global Mobility in the UK?

UK Global Mobility’s ancestral home 

London has long been the place to go for Professionals looking to break into the Global Mobility sector in the UK, fresh graduates and experienced international relocators alike head to the capital for their UK marketplace debut. Many long serving Global Mobility experts have long London tenures which is hardly surprising with many of the world’s largest corporations based in the city (with all their Global Mobility needs) – but is this set to change?

The Northern Powerhouse

Regretfully, I must use the ‘Brexit’ buzzword to briefly explain the potential for multinational organisations to relocate their operations. Associated with this over-played point is the conversation regarding the uneven spread of UK prosperity throughout the country; with so much financial focus on London and the South East of England the UK Government is set to increase the amount of resources directed elsewhere towards the creation of The Northern Powerhouse.

Hull – City of Culture

Towns and cities in the North of England and Wales are in the process of receiving modernised transport links and economic investment. Hull has been selected as the UK City of Culture 2017 and will receive regeneration as a result. Theresa May has promised a support package of £60 million plus training for the tech industry with special attention placed on locations outside of London to include Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Birmingham all benefitting as a result.

Exceptional Talent

According to the Government’s website ‘The Northern Powerhouse forms part of the government’s industrial strategy which will build upon our strong economy and help businesses up and down the country seize the opportunities presented by leaving the EU.’ Coupled with this ‘The British government is planning to double the number of visas in the Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) category in a bid to lure highly skilled foreign workers to the UK’ as reported by Re:locate.

Global Mobility is on the move…

With the increase in available VISAs, increased funds and industry throughout non-London locations, cities like Cardiff and Birmingham will be at the cutting edge of business with Employers taking advantage of the opportunity to hire the best relocating talent. With the need for Global Mobility services increasing in the North of England and Wales, Professionals specialising in providing these services will also be on the move, escaping the city for new Powerhouse locations.

Is London passé?

Instead of remaining in London for the majority of a UK based Global Mobility Professional’s career, Professionals will likely have the opportunity to find more frequent opportunities in other vibrant UK cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham as well as Wales and Ireland. For many, London will arguably remain ‘the business capital of the world’ however this epithet may soon be more sentimental than realistic in the Global Mobility industry of the future.

Written by Katie Smith – Assoc CIPD, BA Hons, HR Advisor at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions

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