Thinking of relocating? Spare a moment to consider this…

As a global recruiter I am approached on a regular basis by candidates wanting to relocate overseas to pastures new. For some people it’s the lure of the job opportunity that comes first and location comes second, however for most relocating individuals I find that it’s the pull of new and exciting cultures and locations that takes centre stage.

Whilst candidates apply for our client’s opportunities all over the world we see a unique trend in certain locations receiving more attention from internationally mobile professionals than others. Having surveyed a large amount of applications and spoken to various candidates I have compiled a short list of the most popular:

The Queen, Tea, Fish and Chips, and shorts at the first hint of Sun – London!

Without question we receive more interest from foreign nationals wanting to relocate to London than any other country we recruit in. The lure of the City and the opportunities it presents have certainly not been tarnished by Brexit, as it stands and we still receive huge numbers of applications from EU nationals.

London firms are also becoming increasingly open to considering candidates who are relocating to the City from other global locations, whilst historically this has normally been at a more senior hiring level we are seeing junior and mid management level candidates from abroad being encouraged to apply more frequently.

The land of the free and the home of the brave – USA!

We have always attracted a huge amount of interest in our American job postings; I am asked more questions about relocating to California than any other US state. People are constantly drawn to the relaxed way of life and gorgeous weather coupled with the huge tech presence.

Interestingly American firms seem the least likely to consider candidates based outside of US soil. This mostly boils down to endless red tape that the US Visa process presents and the fact that the sheer size of the country means talent is not in short supply!

The happiest country in the world, oh and the chocolate – Switzerland!

Switzerland has been featuring in “best place to live” surveys for as long as I can remember and rightly so. It is a fantastic and beautiful country with great quality of life that always attracts candidates whenever we post opportunities.

Although candidates are always excited about opportunities in the country, we are often met with one key candidate concern: cost of living. Switzerland is expensive, there is no way to ‘sugar coat’ that fact. When considering a role in this location we always advise candidates to take this point seriously, especially if they are taking a family.

Your relocation

Relocating to a new country is a huge commitment but one that can enhance your career opportunities and also your life experience. Alchemy is always working with likeminded clients who are looking for the best talent in the Global Mobility and HR sectors all over the world, reach out for a discussion if you would like to know more.

Written By Chris Evans – Manager at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions