What are the key benefits provided within a standard global mobility policy?

Amber Pittard, May 24, 2018

Some organisations move as many as 2000 employees around the world each year.

Most companies have a standard policy per each assignment type including; Long term assignments, Short term assignments, Permanent Transfers and Business Travellers.

Here we take a look at the main benefits provided within a standard global mobility policy.


Usually economy flights are provided for the assignee and their accompanying family members from home to host location.

Removal and shipping of goods

The removals and shipping of personal items is generally provided as a benefit for long term and permanent moves.

Extra annual leave

Moving from one location to another takes time. In some policies, depending on the location and duration of assignment, it is standard for the company to provide the assignee with a few additional days to pack up and unpack in their new location.

Lump Sum

Some policies will provide the assignee with a lump sum as well as other relocation benefits (home finding, temporary accommodation, HHG moving, local orientation and so on.)

The Lump Sum can be used for expenses that may arise such as; food, driving license renewal, clothing etc.

Home Finding

Finding a home is one of the most important tasks for an assignee, a permanent residence helps them get settled into their new location quicker.

A 2-day home finding trip with an Estate/Property Agent is typically offered. They will take into account the assignee’s preferred location, budget and specific requirements such as number of bedrooms, garden etc.

Temporary Accommodation

For some moving to a new location, it may not have been possible to find a suitable place to live before they departed their home country. Therefore, policies will usually provide the assignee with some temporary accommodation whilst they are searching for a permanent home. Standard policies can range anywhere from a few days up to 3 months.


Companies can offer their assignees international medical insurance, this can also be a benefit provided for their accompanying family.

Home Leave

Moving to another country is a daunting task and many can get home sick. In order to maximise assignee satisfaction, companies will offer the assignee and their accompanying family a trip to their home country to visit family and friends.

Many of these benefits will also be provided following completion of the assignment.

Written by Amber Pittard - Global Account Manager at Alchemy Recruitment Ltd

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