Why has the Global Mobility Job market slowed down in the UK?

Alchemy have been recruiting into the Global Mobility market now for enough years to have seen our fair share of hiring peaks and quiet times, nothing out of the ordinary. However, over the last 18 months the UK market specifically has seen a noticeable slowdown in traditional “In-house” Global Mobility roles becoming available.

Immediately all fingers point to the ominous word that has been hanging over the job market consistently for months – Brexit. Whilst I do believe Brexit has certainly channelled an uncertainty into the market, certain other factors have also influenced the way people look at their Global Mobility requirements…

The Rise Of The RMC?

Job opportunities in the world of Relocation Companies have certainly not slowed down and in fact, hiring is as busy as it’s ever been.  RMC’s continue to win the favour of large corporate businesses by presenting efficient and cost-effective solutions to their mobility needs. With the “on-site” implant becoming ever more common, businesses have less need to hire directly into Global Mobility.

The Compass Is Pointing To The East!

Over the last 2 years a consistent number of large global businesses have moved to or opened mobility operational hubs in Eastern Europe (or have thought about doing so). With cost savings on top of the agenda the pull of cheaper HR Service Centres is just too attractive to not consider. Also, great Global Mobility talent is becoming ever more available in the major Eastern European cities without the price tag of the London market.

There Is That Word Again…

Brexit – There is no denying that Brexit has had an impact on the job market as a whole, not catastrophic, but noticeable in certain sectors. After numerous discussions with senior mobility professionals the general consensus is that things still feel uncertain. Many do believe though, that once the plan for Brexit is more final we could see a potential increase in Global Mobility roles becoming available, something that would be greatly received in the market!

Where Do We Go From Here…?

I am in agreement with many of my market contacts, the market will get busier. Once the uncertainty has passed and businesses start making conclusive choices about where to position their staff global mobility knowledge will be required.  All that remains to be seen is how businesses will approach the need for that knowledge? Take it In-house, or consult the vendors!

Written By Chris Evans – Manager at Alchemy Global Talent Solutions

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